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BLEND Pragati

BLEND Pragati : Its new gen. coaching program, is India’s first and only program offering the best of Pragati's online and classroom learning.  A blended learning program BLEND Pragati courses are designed for learning and education in the new normal.  Making e-learning a part of the new normal, the BLEND Pragati offers a new-age learning experience that goes beyond replicating a physical classroom*.

The Blend Classroom uses personalization and intelligence to address students in a virtual classroom. Daily live online classes are conducted by the highly qualified and well-trained expert of Pragati that offers a great personalized student-teacher interaction.

Students can enhance their digital classroom experience and strengthen their learning in a physical classroom that offers doubt clearance sessions, discussions on important topics and regular assessments.

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Since 2008 We @ Pragati Education are firm believers that


"Science is the key to our future and if we don't believe in science, we are holding everybody back".

@ Pragati Education we request students with high aspirations and high moral values to join us and dive deep into courses we offer.

Proven Success: 90%
grade improvement;
95% higher test scores

1. Our students have proven year after year by scoring 95% and above in Board exams.

2. We have 97% strike rate in entrance exams. Where our students are clearing JEE mains with more than 90%iles.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

We @ Pragati Education are having 12 years of experience in strengthening students with power to unleash their careers in science.

We understand that every person is a different human being. So we emphasise highly on treating them accordingly.

Few of the strategies we follow are:

1. We stress on conducting frequent class tests. This helps us understanding effectivity of our tuition. Which helps us mould our ways of working.


2. We conduct frequent PTM to exchange feedbacks to and from guardians and kids.

3. We share regular updates with guardians to keep us all in sync.

4. To give real time effect to concepts, we conduct video interactive sessions.  

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